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A Letter From Our Founder

When I finished school, I moved to Melbourne Australia, (the coffee capital), in June 2013. This is where I learnt the art of brewing espresso, texturing milk and preparing espresso based drinks, taught by world barista champions.

Since learning the trade, I spent time perfecting the fine art and working in a number of cafe’s, working my way up to become Head Barista in these cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. I continued to educate myself and be educated by great people within these businesses.

After becoming Head barista in multiple cafes, to learn more about the whole world of coffee, I took a position as Head Barista for Red Star Coffee, a Melbourne based coffee roastery and supplier of coffee to hospitality businesses across Australia.

At Red Star my task was to manage the first retail project, a shipping container converted into a cafe to showcase the many blends and single origins that Red Star offered to retail and wholesale customers.

As well as managing the newly converted shipping container, education was still at the forefront of my mind. So I took the time to learn about the full coffee life-cycle, from green beans, roasting, roast profiling to packing, customer relationships and sustainability.

After returning to the UK, I wanted to build something different within the UK coffee scene, and that’s where we are today.

Forest Espresso is a Boutique speciality coffee roaster, after a period of time researching and experimenting with different origins, roast profiles and techniques, we have developed a range of blends and single origins we are extremely confident in.

We are ready to open our digital doors and share these amazing coffees with you.

Forest Espresso.

Quality. Simplicity. Sustainability.

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